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Sue Walsh

System and School Consultant, Syndicate Leader

Sue has been a teacher, principal, superintendent of schools and as Deputy Executive Director, and most recently, has led a system of schools in Australia (54,000 students and 5,000 teachers) to improve the learning outcomes of all students. The focus of Sue’s work in leading this improvement agenda has been in ensuring alignment and precision between the central office and school leaders. Key to Sue’s work has been the development and implementation of data literacy and high-impact strategies with all system leaders. Sue has been recognised for the work she has led both locally and internationally and frequently consults with system leaders on whole system improvement. Sue has a passion for building the capacity of leaders so that they can lead an effective learning and teaching agenda. Sue is accredited by Auckland University to deliver Open-To-Learning Conversations and is also a Growth Coach. Both accreditations have provided Sue with skills that are now integral to her work alongside leaders.

Sue's posts

PAUSE and ask three questions for an end of school year check-in!

November 5, 2021

Leaders and Teachers to PAUSE before the close of the school year and ask three questions of their stakeholders.

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