The Learning Suite

The CLARITY Learning Suite is comprised of Sections, Modules and Sessions.

Learning Modules and Sessions: What might you be asking?

What is a Module?

Each Module provides the structure to unpack the CLARITY Learning Suite in learning, teaching and leading

✔ All Modules contain a series of Sessions that focus on specific themes
✔ The conclusion of each Module calls participants to Commit to Action

What can we expect in a Session?

✔ Flexibility for self-paced learning determined by the group or the individual. Sessions vary in length from 20 - 60 minutes
✔ Professional Learning provided by the CLARITY Learning Suite collaborative team
✔ Guidance through the research-based 14 Parameters Framework for School and System Improvement unpacked by Lyn Sharratt and the CLARITY Learning Suite Team
✔ Contributions from researchers and practitioners world-wide
✔ Access to all resources of the CLARITY Learning Suite. These include videos, presentation slides, Learning Leader Notes, Processes for collaboration, templates, articles, case studies
✔ A set structure to maximise the support of professional learning
✔ An emphasis on all participants owning their on-going learning that can be actioned in each participants context
✔ Reflective Journalling, Quizzie Questions to check for understanding and Preparation for the Next Session.

The Suite Content

Module 1 - Orientation to CLARITY Learning Suite

  • Session 1: A Guide to the CLS
  • Session 2: A Guide to the CLS Technology
  • Session 3: A Guide to the CLS Model

Module 2 - Introduction to Leading to Do This Work

  • Session 1: Introduction to Leading To Do This Work
  • Session 2: Unpacking the Six Leadership Dimensions: Part 1
  • Session 3: Unpacking the Six Leadership Dimensions: Part 2


Module 3 - The 14 Parameters: A Learning Framework

  • Session 1: The Third Teacher
  • Session 2: Unpacking the 14 Parameters – The Big Ideas
  • Session 3: Using your Data
  • Session 4: The Non-Negotiables
  • Session 5: Learning Walks and Talks
  • Session 6: The Learning Fair

Module 4: Knowing the FACES of Learners

  • Session 1: Unpack Parameter 1
  • Session 2: The Five Questions
  • Session 3: Parents and the Community as Critical Partners

Module 5: Collaborative Inquiry with Teachers and Leaders

  • Session 1: The Value of Collaborative Inquiry
  • Session 2: Operating Norms and Co-Learning Protocols
  • Session 3: Professional Learning Communities and Communities of Practice


Module 6: Assessment

  • Session 1: Big Ideas of Assessment
  • Session 2: The Waterfall Chart, Big Ideas, Essential Questions
  • Session 3: Learning Intentions
  • Session 4: Success Criteria
  • Session 5: Descriptive Feedback
  • Session 6: Peer and Self- Assessment
  • Session 7: Individual Goal Setting

Module 7: Instruction

  • Session 1: The Big Ideas in Instruction
  • Session 2: Oral Language and Accountable Talk
  • Session 3: Reading Comprehension
  • Session 4: Critical Literacy
  • Session 5: Writing
  • Session 6: Gradual Release of Responsibility
  • Session 7: Differentiated Instruction
  • Session 8: Higher-Order Thinking and Robust Performance Tasks

Module 8: Processes That Support Collaborative Inquiry with Students

  • Session 1: Collaborative Inquiry in the Classroom
  • Session 2: Three Collaborative Inquiry Processes
  • Session 3: Metacognition: Student Voice and Choice

Module 9: Using Data for Prevention and Intervention

  • Session 1: The Case Management Approach
  • Session 2: Prevention: Data Walls
  • Session 3: Intervention: Case Management Meetings
  • Session 4: Early and On-going Intervention


Module 10: The Knowledgeable Other – Leading Alongside

  • Session 1: Who is The Knowledgeable Other?
  • Session 2: Practices of The Knowledgeable Other

Module 11: Precision in Leadership Practice

  • Session 1: Sustaining Leadership
  • Session 2: Principal Learning Teams

Module 12: Pulling It Altogether – Leading for the Future

  • Session 1: CLARITY: Leadership for the Future
  • Session 2: The Learning Fair

How much does the CLARITY Learning Suite cost?

Groups of

$990 + GST per person
  • Access to the CLS, Resources and Members Directory for 2 years

Groups of

$920 +GST per person
  • Access to the CLS, Resources and Members Directory for 2 years

Groups of

$875 +GST per person
  • Access to the CLS, Resources and Members Directory for 2 years

Groups of

$845 +GST per person
  • Access to the CLS, Resources and Members Directory for 2 years

Prices are in Australian dollars.

Please contact us if you are interested in enrolling a group larger than 50 people.