Sample Learning Leader Notes

The Role of the Learning Leader

The Learning Leader has a significant role in the collaborative learning approach of the Clarity Learning Suite (CLS). Those taking on this role will be key to ensuring that participants have the opportunity to maximise their learning. All group sessions require a Learning Leader.

If you are working on your own all individuals need to access the Learning Leader notes.

The Learning Leader is provided with comprehensive facilitation notes that guide the Learning Leader through each session, including notes for pre and post sessions. Learning Leader notes provide organisational structures to ensure the smooth running of each session, most importantly the role requires the Learning Leader to lead the interactive learning processes and tasks within each session. These processes are available in a single document in the Resources section of the CLARITY Learning Suite (CLS).

A small symbol  appears throughout the presentation to prompt the Learning Leader where facilitation is required. The symbol and corresponding number point the Learning Leader to the task and pop up the relevant Learning Leader Notes when clicked on.

The Learning Leader has responsibility to lead the tasks and processes used in each session, focusing on the "HOW" as they lead many processes to maximise participant involvement. It is important that participants understand the work of the Learning Leader. Participants will find processes used in CLS processes are applicable to other situations such as, staff professional learning, department/ team meetings, cooperative learning with students' sessions.

All processes used in the CLS are available to all participants for use under the resources tab and we encourage participants to try these processes out, use them in meetings and with students in their learning. Those taking on the role of Learning Leader will be accepting the opportunity to lead their peers through the interactive and dynamic CLS.

Pre-session preparation

Learning Leader:

  • Ensures all participants have a calendar invite including time, date and venue
  • Checks all participants are registered, logged into the Clarity Learning Suite and have a CLARITY text
  • Organises seating for groups of 6-8
  • Checks A/V system is working in venue
  • Ensures the A/V is set to view the presentation as a whole group with participants recording responses on personal devices
  • Considers recommended timing for tasks as a guide.
  • Reads all the LL notes before the session and is ready when the Learning Leader symbol appears in to lead processes

Group Welcome

Learning Leader:

  • Welcomes the group
  • Informs participants CLS provides opportunities for collaboration and learning
  • Advises presentations will be viewed on a single screen in group sessions
  • Draws attention to the location of tabs for eNotes, Four-Column Matrix, Reflective Journal and Learning Log
  • Recommends notes taken throughout sessions be placed in eNotes
  • Encourages participants to introduce themselves to others on the table
  • Begins Presentation

A Deliberate Pause

Learning Leader:

Reinforces the Deliberate Pause construct has three parts:

  1. Reflective Journal supports participants to make meaning of learning using the Retell, Relate and Reflect template
  2. Learning Log is the trigger for participants to receive recognition for participation in the Clarity Learning Suite. Reinforces completion of the Learning Log enables participants to access the next session
  3. Preparation for next session:

Reminds participants of the time and venue for next session.

Concludes the session by thanking participants for their engagement