To Commit or Not Commit

After a Professional Learning session this week, I worried about those leaders and teachers who didn’t come; those leaders and teachers who didn’t stay; those leaders and teachers who came only to “show the flag”, and then left. I wondered when they committed to system and school improvement on behalf of all students, who set expectations, made demands for and monitored the attendance of school leaders and teachers with their school teams at PL sessions?

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CLS Provides Faculty of Education and Arts Program Credit at Australian Catholic University

Successful completion of the CLARITY Learning Suite together with the completion of a PASS Grade 5000 word Reflective Summary essay provides the opportunity to apply for credits for the following Faculty of Education and Arts programs at the Australian Catholic University (ACU):

  • Master of Education
  • Master of Educational Leadership
  • Graduate Certifcate in Education
  • Graduate Certifcate in Educational Leadership
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CLS Provides Masters Credit at University of Notre Dame Australia

Successful completion of the CLARITY Learning Suite together with the completion of a PASS Grade 6000 word Reflective Summary paper will provide you with Advanced Standing articulation into a Master of Education program at the University of Notre Dame Australia, through its School of Education.

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Peter DeWitt Podcast with Lyn Sharratt

Every week Dr. Peter DeWitt and our guests get together to share ideas, put research into practice, discuss what’s working and what’s not in equity, SEL, burnout, and learning loss (and more) to help you ensure every student is learning not by chance, but by design. Watch his recent Podcast with Lyn Sharratt.

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Putting FACES on the Data 10th Anniversary Edition

Lyn Sharratt and Michael Fullan’s 10th Anniversary Edition of “Putting FACES on the Data” is released on 23 August. FACES is about setting up the conditions for success in every classroom: identifying the right factors, at the right time, with the right resources with a focus on student-centered data.

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How Long Will You Wait?

‘Where do we need to recalculate, refocus, and refine our practices’ using the well-researched 14 Parameters as the vehicle?’ If you know what works – and what you need to do, how long will you wait until every student is growing and achieving at the expected level? Illiteracy is unacceptable. How great is your sense of urgency? How long will you wait?

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